Officers & Organizing Committee

SIGSUMM is run by consensus vote of its organizing committee, consisting of the original SIGSUMM organizers and subsequent SIGSUMM workshop chairs and co-chairs. 

Initial Organizers 

 - Yue Dong (Assistant Professor at University of California, Riverside), Liaison Representative

- Wen Xiao (Researcher at Microsoft Azure Cognitive Service)

- Yumo Xu (Scientist at  AWS AI Labs Seattle)

- Lu Wang (Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan)

- Fei Liu (Associate Professor at Emory University)

- Jackie Chit Kit Cheung (Associate Professor at McGill University)

- Giuseppe Carenini (Professor at the University of British Columbia)

- Mirella Lapata (Professor at the University of Edinburgh) 

- Ido Dagan ( Professor at Bar-Ilan University)